Saving Grace (Lycan Chronicles) (Volume 1) - Anita Cox

Forgive me if I gush, but I’ve been a fan of author Anita Cox and her books for some time and have watched her abilities as an author grow with each books she writes, and now Anita Cox has blown me away with Saving Grace (Book one) of her Shifter Chronicles series that in my opinion is a 5 STAR book!!!


There’s nothing more awesome then a well written erotic romance…unless it’s a steamy, erotic romance WITH an in depth storyline! And Anita has done just that! She craftily wrapped together a sizzling romantic tale with a fascinating plot!


Anita continues to give us the hot Alpha males we so love, BUT she introduces and intrigues us with a strong alpha woman! How she blends the two powers that be will amaze you as a reader. You will fall in love with her well built characters as she pulls you into their emotions and the struggles of their world.


Be prepared to lose your hearts - These are character you won’t forget on reading ‘The End’ they will remain with you forever.


Saving Grace is an old tale with a new twist, which will keep you on the edge of your seat. It was only a few short weeks ago that Grace McGovern learned she wasn’t human like she thought, but a Lycan Princess. Though she was raised as a very self-sufficient woman in the human world, after seeing the chauvinistic ways of the Lycan society, Grace makes it her goal to bring the Lycan equality up to speed. But before she can settle into her royal position and solidify her courtship with the pack’s Beta ~ the sexy Roman, she’s faced with a very real threat. A rival pack with a tyrannical leader intends to kidnap her and make her part of his puppy mill, breeding her royal blood with his.


The author’s talents as a fabulous storyteller introduced to werewolves, but with a twist and she doesn’t stop there, she cleverly reveals other characters like centaurs, vampires, pixies and dwarves and more to intrigue us with wonderful character we can only hope will appear in coming books! Oooh the centaurs had my heart pounding, I can’t wait for book two!


While this is an amazing stand-alone, I recommend reading the FREE Prequel ‘Pursuing Grace’ to the series to get the actual meeting between Grace and Roman and the beginnings of this wonder tale. Don’t forget the heat between Roman and Grace starts in the Prequel and leads you to the searing lust and love between the pages in book one, while the overall plot and theme keep you wanting more.

I loved this awesome book!